29. May 2019
DEEP ZIGGI is a giant sea creature that came up for the Water Light Festival 2019 in Brixen, Italy. This light and sound installation was created by Moradavaga. The artists discovered an almost forgotten medieval story which is about a mysterious being. According to the tale a giant octopus has been hidden in the historic "deep Ziggl in the outer lane" many centuries ago. After the fountain was rebuilt in 1993, according to an old model, hardly anyone could do anything with the strange sounds...
13. April 2019
A new episode of Unheard Places will be released soon and will be performed live at the HOSPIZ Festival 18th May.
07. March 2019
Hey, something wonderful happened. Mare and Monti found their way to Spotify and Apple Music. So if you're a digital girl or boy you can now listen to Zolf & Saturns music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal Music and more.
13. December 2018
A special Christmas market will take place in Neumarkt from 14 to 23 December. It was designed by the artist collective Moradavaga. The sound installations were carried out by Zolf & Saturn.
18. October 2018
What a great experience I had at the Jodelfest in Austria. Together with Markus Prieth we created something very special: Yodelling with an electronic echo wall. Deutschlandradio, a german radio program, was there and did an audio reportage about the Jodelfest. You can listen to it here.
11. August 2018
These are the last dates for this summer.
09. August 2018
The live performance from the Gampen Bunker will be broadcasted on 9th august at Radio Freier Fall.
04. July 2018
Actually I want to do less in summer, but things always turn out differently. What does Zolf & Saturn do?
07. April 2018
Unheard Places are acoustic portraits of three unheard places in South Tyrol. They will be presented on the following dates: 12/04/18 Gasthof Wunder - Unterrinn (I) 8pm 14/04/18 Rohrerhaus - Sarnthein (I) 8pm 06/05/18 Gampen Bunker - Deutschnonsberg 5:30 pm
05. March 2018
I am pleased to announce Unheard Places. A new series of sound pictures based on field recordings and environment exploration.

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