New record "Forellentanz" will be released on 20 october
18. October 2023
My new record "Forellentanz" is now available, featuring eight tracks, full of love and peace.
"Forellentanz" - New track is out
02. September 2023
A new audiovisual experience is available. Dive into "Forellentanz".

"Wir bleiben" - New single released
07. July 2023
"Wir bleiben" is a new track from a new album that will be released in autumn 2023. Check it out here.
Termine und Reservierungen
30. September 2022
Die Theaterperformance Strahlender Untergang hat Premiere gefeiert. Reserviere deine Tickets hier.

Upcoming play
31. August 2022
Watch the trailer for "Strahlender Untergag" an upcoming ply with with Markus Westphal (acting) and Zolf & Saturn (live music and sounds).
Sound Bath @ Museion
06. April 2022
An immersive event at Museion, 8 april 2020, i will participate with my project UNHEARD PLACES,

A nice talk about music and subculture and about my job as social educator
21. January 2022
Thomas Kobler from Ost West Club invited me to this talk about my life as musician and artist, about the underground music scene and the subculture in south tyrol and about young people and how they manage the Covid restrictions.
Invitation to NOTTERNA - Art in the public space of Don Bosco
26. May 2021
Notterna is an art walk that trough Don Bosco (a city district in Bolzano) that leads you through seven different stations, including multimedia artworks by members of the S├╝dtiroler K├╝nstlerbund and art students of the University of Bolzano. My contribution is a sound installation that deals with the sound aesthetics of Don Bosco.

A short portrait about myself
17. February 2021
A short video portrait about me and my work with sounds, tones and noises.
05. December 2020
Give music to you and your friends. All items in the webshop are discounted by 25% until 23 December.

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