05. August 2020
What happens when man penetrates deeper and deeper into natural space? The sound installation Umbruch in the Stifsmuseum interactively and acoustically deals with natural idyll and its breaking.
18. May 2020
On 25.05. anew episode of Unheard Places will be performed and released in the context of the LanaLive Festival. Listen to the livestream.
09. May 2020
ZOLF & SATURN's new album PEAK is out. Read here how to get it, stream it or listen to it.
25. April 2020
"Begebt euch also, anstatt in den Flieger, in eure beste Buddha-Pose und setzt die Kopfhörer auf. Ihr hört eine feine Mischung aus verschiedenen Instrumenten, hypnotisierenden Gesängen, ein paar Prisen Field Recordings und aus sanften elektronischen Klängen. Diese Komponenten ergeben zusammen mit der Hülle ein wahres Gesamtkunstwerk, das seinesgleichen sucht"
06. April 2020
The Covid19 lockdown provides an epochal soundscape. We hear the world as people could have heard it before the industrial revolution, without the noise of engines, without the noise of aggregates and without the roar of machines.
23. March 2020
How to announce a new video when the world is infected? REVERSED might give you a few minutes off. Keep calm and stay healthy
06. March 2020
The new album will be officially presented on 17.04.20 in Bozen/Bolzano. Live and with visuals in a small and intimate location. Sign up to get your free ticket.
28. January 2020
The new album by Zolf & Saturn is called PEAK and will be released on 7 March 2020.
17. January 2020
Read the whole article from franzmagazine about the new track by Zolf & Saturn in German language.
12. January 2020
The first song of the upcoming album is out. Watch the video of "Endless March".

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