Zolf & Saturn, Manuel Oberkalmsteiner
Photo Credit Tanja Marcadella

Manuel Oberkalmsteiner is an Italian musician, sound artist and collector of sounds and lives and works in Ritten (Italy). He is best known for is electronic music project ZOLF & SATURN, for which he has produced several albums and actively performs on stage. 


Oberkalmsteiner is a seeker, driven by sounds and noises that surround him. In fact, his works and projects are mostly based on field recordings of places and objects. He has been active for many years as a performing sound artist in the field of sound art and sound installation, solo and in collaboration with other artists. Oberkalmsteiner takes also music workshop based on field recordings, instant recording and sampling. All this activities and works are collected under the abbreviation (((O))).  


Just to be clear: Oberkalmsteiner stands for an open-mind, eco-social and antifascist attitude.