A one-man caravan explores electronic and analog music

Zolf & Saturn is a musician form the mountains in Southtyrol (Italy). He is an artist and a sound collector. He loves travelling and doing field recordings. He loves to discover sounds, instruments and voices from all over the world. He loves to explore the environment with his ears. And he finally loves to put this impressions together into deep and intelligent music. 



MUSIC For Vagabonds

Zolf & Saturn's music is characterized by curiosity and exploration, combining a variety of traditional and exotic instruments with driving beats, warm synthesizer pads and a voice that sounds like a far echo pulsing with the waves.


The artist constantly expands his musical creativity combining electronic music, shoegaze, IDM, ambient and world music



Zolf & Saturn loves to play his music live. He uses electronic instruments, his voices and loops, a turkish saz and a slide guitar. He likes to rearrange and improvise with his tracks.