Can you hear DEEP ZIGGI?

DEEP ZIGGI is a giant sea creature that came up for the Water Light Festival 2019 in Brixen, Italy. This light and sound installation was created by Moradavaga. The artists discovered an almost forgotten medieval story which is about a mysterious being. According to the tale a giant octopus has been hidden in the historic "deep Ziggl in the outer lane" many centuries ago. After the fountain was rebuilt in 1993, according to an old model, hardly anyone could do anything with the strange sounds coming from the fountain.


Project Type: Light and Sound Installation

Location: Stuffels, Brixen, Italy

Date: 09. – 25. May 2019

Commissioned by: Water Light Festival Brixen

Technical support: Daniel Spitaler


Sounddesign: Manuel (((O)))berkalmsteiner aka Zolf & Saturn