This was the Jodelfest

In September 2018 I was in Vorarlberg in Austria at the Jodelfest. Together with Markus Prieth, a very creative yodeler and musician at Opas Diandl, we created an experimental yodel workshop called Yodelfield, with yodeling and an electronic echo wall. And it was definitely an incredible experience.

For me yodeling is a completely new world, but I met very open, crazy and nice people there and the combination of yodeling, field recordings and electronic sound processing fascinated me totally. Jo Ou Hu!


If you want to get a feeling of what this yodel festival is, you can listen to the program Mikrokosmos on Deutschlandradio. It's a German-language audio reportage about the Jodelfest in Vorarlberg 2018. 



The Jodelfest is an international meeting with different workshops and offers. Always at a different place. Next year Gonten / Switzerland. Take a look here.