Experimental stuff and field recordings


(((O))) is the shortcut for Manuel Oberkalmsteiner, the artist behind Zolf & Saturn. This site is a small overview of his experimental work, often based on field recordings. 



The Covid19 lockdown provides an epochal soundscape.

We hear the world as people could have heard it before the industrial revolution, without the noise of engines, without the noise of aggregates and without the roar of machines.


We hear our environments with poor little human interaction: „It's like removing the dirt from a window pane and seeing what's happening outside always clearer and clearer"


UNHEARD ENVIRMONTS are fiel recordings withouts modification from different artists and soundcollectors. You can download the album for free on Bandcamp. 


Audio Journeys Trough Unheard Places

Unheard Places is a series of audio journeys through unheard places. They are villages in transition, locations that has been forgotten and areas that are far away from tourist centres. Unheard Places travels to these places and collects sound images with the microphone. These sounds, moments and conversations are combined to create unique sound collages and narrative soundscapes.


Unheard Places tracks are free for streaming and download. You can support this project by sharing it or making a donation for a download through Bandcamp (click the images below).


A limited edition of postcards from each location can be ordered here. 

 Headphones are recommended. 

St. Felix / Unsere Liebe Frau im Walde

Southtyrol, Italy

1265 m / 1351 m, 700 inhabitants



Southtyrol, Italy 

369 m, 60 inhabitants


Southtyrol, Italy

1250 m, about 30 inhabitants