About Zolf & Saturn

A one-man caravan exploring electronic and analog music

Zolf & Saturn Promo Picture Forest

Zolf & Saturn is a one-man caravan on a steady search for the perfect soundtrack for good journeys. Fascinated by sounds and noises from all over the world, he collects these moments with a portable microphone and uses these sound impressions as a starting point for beautiful floating music for travellers. Zolf & Saturn's approach is characterized by curiosity and exploration, combining a variety of traditional and exotic instruments with driving beats, warm synthesizer pads and a voice that sounds like a far echo pulsing with the waves.

The artist constantly expands his musical creativity combining electronic music, shoegaze, IDM, ambient and world music.

Debut Release Mare / Monti

In 2016 the artist released his debuts Mare and Monti, two long-awaited and fascinating mini-albums that feels like a pleasant breeze of wanderlust and longing. The tracks are created with the help of a notebook, a creative mind and a laptop, in the streets of Burma, on the train to Brusseles and on a camping ground in Tuscany.


The artist behind Zolf & Saturn has been a longtime DIY musician in various bands since his childhood. After moving to Berlin he discovered the possibilities to make his own music using a laptop and samples recorded  with a cheap microphone. In 2008 he moved back to his home South Tyrol / Italy and his beloved mountains, where he got more into field recording and music production.


Actually he is a member of the experimental and improvisation duo KNRRZ, head of the country-trash band The Cowboy Without A Horse and co-founder of the label LaGrind Noire.



The artist is actually based in Bolzano / Italy.